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An Emergency Kit

  • Keep the items listed in your home so they can become your emergency kit for use in all types of emergencies:
  • Battery-operated radio (with spare batteries)
  • Torch (with spare batteries), candles and waterproof matches
  • First aid kit and manual, including personal protective equipment such as disposable gloves, face masks and goggles
  • Medications ( and repeat prescriptions), tissues, toiletry and sanitary supplies
  • Special needs for infants, the aged and people with disabilities
  • Spare clothes including strong shoes, broad brimmed hat, leather gloves and sunscreen for each household member
  • Sleeping equipment
  • A mobile phone, spare battery and charger
  • Strong plastic bags (for clothing, valuables, documents and photographs)
  • Extra car and house keys
  • Copies of important family documents (birth certificates, passports and licenses)
  • Contact details for your agreed out-of-town contact
  • Books, playing cards or games
  • Credit cards, key cards and cash


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