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Bomb Explosion / Suspicious Package


  • Call 100 and ask for police. Use landline telephones to call the police
  • Turn off all necessary electronic transmitting equipment - radios, pagers, mobile phones etc. The use of communication equipment such as radios and mobile phones should be carefully considered in case of secondary devices
  • If applicable, get out of the building as quickly and calmly as possible. Follow building evacuation procedures, where
  • applicable
  • In the event of falling debris, shelter under a sturdy table or desk until the situation has stabilized enough for your safe passage. When safe, leave quickly, watching out for weakened floors stairs and overhead hazards
  • If trapped in debris, do not light a match. Cover your mouth with a handkerchief or clothing. Rhythmically tap on a pipeor wall so rescuers can hear where you are
  • Ensure you own safety before trying to help others
  • Stay away from tall buildings, glass windows and parked vehicles
  • Follow the instructions of the site wardens (where applicable) and emergency service officers


  • If you receive a package that appears to be out of the ordinary, for example, from an unknown source, or if it is badly wrapped or addressed, or has oily stains, or excessive weight or postage, DO NOT open or touch the package.
  • The following procedures apply whether you have opened the package or not;
  • Leave the package where it is. DO NOT touch it or cover it. Quickly obtain as much information as possible for the
  • Police without touching the package
  • Get everyone out of the room and close the door. Isolate the room and prevent others from entering. Keep people
  • who were in the room together but away from others. If you are able, turn off the air conditioning
  • Call 100 and ask for Police
  • Make a list of people who were in the room to give toauthorities when they arrive
  • If applicable, alert the building security staff or floor warden
  • Wait in a safe place until emergency services arrive and follow their instructions
  • If possible, wash your hands with soap and water. Do not touch your mouth and eyes with your hands
  • If you are experiencing any immediate physical symptoms call EMS & ask for ambulance.


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