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Threats and Vulnerability in India - a Challenge for Civil Defence

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India is one of the most disaster prone countries in the world

  • Over 65% land area vulnerable to earthquakes;
  • 70% of land under cultivation prone to drought;
  • 40 million hectares to floods;
  • 8,000 km coastline to cyclones.
  • A major disaster occurs every 2-3 years;
  • 5 crore people affected annually
  • 10 lakh houses damaged annually along with human,social and other losses
  • During 1985-2003, the annual average damage due to natural disasters has been estimated at 7 crore US $

The Government of India has undertaken a number of initiatives to enhance the Disaster Resilience of our people so as to build higher survival potential. The Civil Defence Corps is being programmed to revamp its present objectives and focus on building Disaster Resilience qualities in the vulnerable community.

This information "KNOW RISK" is an endeavour of the Directorate General Civil Defence to advise the people on practical actions to be taken to deal with emergencies that affect our country.

The Civil Defence Corps has always been a frontrunner in assisting the community during emergencies, be it Gujarat and J & K Earthquake or Orissa Cyclone.

But, a higher level of preparedness in individuals and households will always enhance the efficiency of Civil Defence Corps and strengthen the back-up support for our emergency services. The action guide on:

will empower the people to stay calm and confident during emergencies and make them understand their tasks easily.




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