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The book deals with three basic subjects of

  1. Chemistry of combustion including heat
  2. Electricity in relation of five hazards
  3. Hydraulics and water supplies for firemen.

The style and approach to the subjects are very simple and easily understood by all. Problems on hydraulics, electricity, chemistry, heat and mechanics have been fully workout. No other book available on this subject provides so much information.


The chapters are devoted on entirely to the security issues created by the growing presence of world terrorism. Securing information, Identity theft, Transportation, Contingency planning and new forms of Piracy and discussed.


This book focused on subject State and Local emergency management organization and included case studies and their collaborative affiliations FEMA are discussed To provide an understanding of emergency management, insight into how events have shaped the discipline and thoughts about the future direction of emergency management.


This book includes up-to-date fire codes, addressing conditions hazardous to life and property from fire, explosion, use of hazardous materials and the occupancies buildings and premises. This book will appeal to Architects, Engineers, Practitioners and all Stakeholders who involved in promoting, designing, constructing or operating buildings.

It is a desk reference on security management. Each topic and features cover practical applications.


The purpose of this guide is to provide a concise volume for the fire investigator which addresses some of the principle facts of investigative process.
This book is laid out to follow roughly the following pattern

  1. Legal Matters
  2. Science Matters
  3. Data Collection & Analysis
  4. Testing & Confirming the Hypothesis
  5. Scenes requiring Special Attention
  6. Reporting & Recording the Outcomes.

This book will help for Fire & Rescue personnel learn the procedures necessary to conduct rescue operations that will mitigate most types of Trench Collapse incidents.↵

Also will help reinforce & expand on the essential information to make information retrieval.↵


This book is aimed at filling the current gaps in structural fire engineering by providing necessary background information for rational fire design of steel structures. It deals with various calculation methodologies for fire design and analysis structural steel elements, assemblies and systems.↵
The intent to provide a basis for engineers with traditional background to evaluate the fire response of steel structures at any level of complexity.↵

This book has been produced to provide those establishing fire safety management system within their workplace and those undertaking fire risk assessments.




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