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The NCDC institute building

NCDC is catalogued in the UNDHA(United Nations Department of Humanitarian Affairs) centres of Disaster Relief training. It is identified as a premier training establishment in Chemical Disasters by the Ministry of Environment & Forests.

NCDC has been recognized as a nodal training institute for Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Emergencies training by the Ministry of Home Affairs, in year 2002.

NCDC is regularly training the trainers from Central Police Forces such as ITBP, CRPF, BSF, CISF, in order to prepare their personnel for the organisation of National Disaster Response Force.
Skills training to be prepared for terrorist threats (including the threat of weapons of mass destruction) is part of the training offer.

Since inception of the college in 1957 the college has trained nearly 50,000 trainers which includes foreign nationals from Philippines, Nepal, Malaysia and Mynamar (Burma).

The history of NCDC

The first Disaster Management Training Institution of the country was founded on 29th April 1957 at Nagpur as the Central Emergency Relief Training Institute (CERTI) to support the emergency relief organisation of the Government of India. This central institute organized advanced and specialist training for the leaders of disaster relief and response operations to manage the consequences of any natural or man-made disaster.

In 1962, the training curriculum of the college got a Civil Defence twist and in 1968, after the enactment of CD legislation, the college was rechristened as National Civil Defence College.

The conflicts of 1962 and 1965 compelled the Government of India to reorient it's emergency training activities from natural disasters to those relating to protection of life and property, reducing damage and raising public morale during any war emergency. Hence, CERTI was renamed as National Civil Defence College on 1st April 1968. But the devastating Andhra Pradesh cyclone in 1978 once again vested the responsibility of training Disaster Response & Relief Officers upon the NCDC. Skill enhancing Training of Trainers in the field of search and rescue, first-aid, communications, welfare services, etc., are being organized till date.

The new drill tower with a height of 90 m.

Recently, the Ministry of Environment and Forests has identified NCDC as one of the premier training establishment for chemical disasters. The Office of Federal Disaster Agency (OFDA) of USA , in collaboration with USAID and ADPC, Bangkok, has selected NCDC, Nagpur as one of the advanced training centres in India for Search & Rescue (SAR).

During the year 1997-98, the college received the Rajbhasha Award / Shield for effectively implementing official language scheme of the Government. The College had also prepared 12 service training manuals (available in hard-copy and downloads).

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