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How to apply for a NCDC training programme

NCDC does not charge any COURSE FEE for its training programmes. However boarding and lodging chargesare to be borne by the nominated candidates.

The NCDC expects the nominating authorities to select candidates as per laid downeligibility conditions so that the training obtained by them is employed to further multiplythe number of trained Civil Defence personnel. Request for seats should be forwarded to NCDC well in time.

Once the seats on a course are allotted to anyauthority NO CONFIRMATION will be given but it shall be the responsibility of the nominating authority to nominate only suitable candidates who satisfy the eligibility standards and have working knowledge of Hindi/English languages.

Trainee officers for all courses should be medically fit and in good health so as to bein position to pursue practical training exercises which include extensive outdoor jobs.

Those not in possession of a medical examination certificate will not be accepted by the college for undergoing any of the below given courses.

  1. Civil Defence Instructors Course.
  2. Flood / Cyclone Disaster Response Course.
  3. Earthquake Disaster Response Course.
  4. Basic Life Support Course.
  5. TOT in Radiological Emergencies.
  6. Chemical Disaster First Responders Course.
  7. Biological Incident First Responders Course.
  8. Auxiliary Fire Fighting Course.
  9. Advanced Search & Rescue Course.
  10. Unexploded Bombs & Explosive safety.
  11. Incident Management & Command System Course.
  12. Emergency Response to Rail Transport Accident.
  13. Advanced life support.



Here you can choose on of the programmes offered by NCDC. The application procedure is described in the text to the left.

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