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Sustainable Urban Transport

15-19 March 2018, Xavier University, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha

Public participation in spatial planning is always needed, and often a challenge. Ganjam District in Odisha could benefit from a five-day student workshop focussing on participation methods within a multi-level approach. 20 Master Students of Urban Planning and Urban Management from three different Universities (Xavier University Bhubaneshwar, CEPT University Ahmedabad, CET College Bhubaneshwar) participated under the guidance of tutors from CEPT University, Xavier University and GIZ.

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October 06-07 2017, Delhi

Spatial Planning beyond boundaries

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January 27-28 2017, IIT Chennai

Conference on Peri-Urban Development: Concept, Emerging Ideas and Notions of Sustainability

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October 17 2016, Quito

Spatial order beyond cities - integrating spatial planning at the regional level in India

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