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National Level

Department of Land Resources, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India

The Department of Land Resources, in the Ministry of Rural Development, is mandated to ensure optimum utilization and sustainable productivity of rain fed/degraded lands. One of its major goals is to facilitate effective land use system based on efficient land information system (LIS) and Land Resources Management System (LRMS) with the aim of bringing in a digitized land titling system.

To facilitate its objectives, DoLR has two major Divisions, namely Watershed Management Division and Land Reforms Division. Watershed Management Division deals with all programmes and policies related to watersheds whereas Land Reforms Division deals with all matters related to land records and land reform policies.

Source: Department of Land Resources, E-book on Activities, December 2014, Page 5 and Page 6.


State of Tamil Nadu

Department of Town & Country Planning (DTCP)

Government of Tamil Nadu (GoTN) enacted Town & Country Planning Act (T&CP Act), 1971. It functions under the control of Housing & Urban Development Department (H&UD) of the Secretariat. The department has its jurisdiction over the entire Tamil Nadu except Chennai Metropolitan Development Area (CMDA).
Aims/goals of the Directorate:

  • To provide effective land development plan with adequate infrastructural facilities for conducive living environment required for the society. This is achieved by integrating the physical, economic as well as social planning for the diverse conditions viz., physiography, pattern of urbanisation, traditional practices, socio-economic equalities etc., prevalent in different parts of the towns and villages.
  • To achieve socio-economic development of the state through systematic development and regulation of growth of urban and rural areas of the State through Master Plans/New Town Development Plans and Detailed Development Plans.
  • To arrest the rural migration to cities and towns by rural-urban integration through Regional Plans.
  • To preserve the historical, heritage and tourism important places in the state.
  • To protect environmentally and ecologically sensitive areas of the state.

State Planning Commission, Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Department, Government of Tamil Nadu

The major functions of the State Planning Commission are as follows:

  • Preparing Five Year and Annual Plans based on the policies and priorities of the Government;
  • Undertaking Mid Term review of the Five Year Plan and advising the Government on appropriate modification and restructuring of the schemes;
  • Evaluating  major plan schemes through Department of Evaluation and Applied Research;
  • Monitoring development indicators that influence the Human Development Index, Gender Development Index, etc., at a disaggregated level;
  • Undertaking special studies as required for formulation and implementation of plan projects and programmes;
  • Monitoring the Tamil Nadu economy and sending reports to Government as and when necessary
  • Implementing and monitoring State Balanced Growth Fund (SBGF) to address the regional disparities.
  • Coordinating the functions of District Planning Cells and initiating planning process at District/Block/Village level.

The Commission has the following technical divisions:

  1. Agricultural Policy and Planning
  2. Industries, Power and Transport
  3. Land Use
  4. Education and Employment
  5. Health and Social Welfare
  6. District Planning and Rural Development
  7. Plan Co-ordination



State of Odisha

Housing & Urban Development (H&UD) Department, Government of Odisha

H&UD Department is one of the two partner departments in Odisha for the project. It is responsible for ‘’ensuring proper and planned growth of cities and towns with adequate infrastructure, amenities and services provided to the citizens through the Urban Local Bodies and parastatal agencies’’. Some major functions of the Department extracted from the official website of Government of Odisha are listed below.

  • Implementation of urban governance reforms (Eg: AMRUT, 14th Finance Commission, etc).
  • Formulation & implementation of enabling policies/guidelines.
  • Implementation of Comprehensive Development Plans (CrDP), City Development Plans (CDP) & Master Plans (MP).
  • Capacity development of existing personnel & elected representatives.
  • Creation of a dedicated Urban Cadre.
  • Benchmarking urban services (Service Level Benchmarking-SLB).
  • Designing & implementation of innovative pilot projects in selective areas with community participation.
  • Implementation of replicable models/good practices.

The H&UD Department functions through the following three Directorates:

  1. Directorate of Municipal Administration,
  2. Directorate of Town Planning, and
  3. Public Health Engineering Organization (Urban).

Directorate of Town Planning (DTP), Government of Odisha

DTP, H&UD Department, Odisha, ‘’the nodal agency for all urban planning related activities in the state’’, is also designated as the nodal department for the project. The Directorate is headed by the Chief Town Planner and Director, and it performs the following important functions, listed below from the official website of Government of Odisha:

  • Preparation of master plans and approval of the same on behalf of special planning authorities.
  • Preparation of project reports for the IDSMT and monitoring of the schemes.
  • Technical guidance to Government as well as planning authorities with respect to regulation of plan proposals.

Revenue & Disaster Management (R&DM) Department, Government of Odisha

R&DM Department is the other partner for the project, and is concerned with problems of all social groups and stakeholders. The Department mandates are related to ‘’solving people’s problems relating to land; these also include providing land to the landless and protecting the Government land. The Department shoulders the responsibility of providing immediate relief to the people affected by various calamities’’, and is also responsible for rescue, rehabilitation and restoration work.

‘’In the matter of transfer of property, particularly the transfer of immovable property, the Registration Offices under the R&DM Department play a key role’’; other activities of the Department, mentioned in the official website of Government of Odisha, are listed below:

  • Computerization of Revenue Offices
  • Updation of land records and Digitization of cadastral maps
  • Inter-connectivity among revenue offices
  • Under taking survey operations using modern technologies
  • Distribution of Government waste land for agriculture/ homestead purposes
  • Distribution of ceiling surplus land, prohibition of tribal land alienation
  • Regularisation of pre-1980 forest villages and encroached human habitations in forest areas
  • Acquisition of private land for public purposes
  • Formulation of comprehensive rehabilitation and resettlement policies for displaced persons
  • Administration of minor minerals of the State
  • Conduction of decennial census


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