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Training Workshop on Telangana ku Haritha Haaram (THH)

June 22, 2015, IALA Madhapur

Training workshop on Telangana Ku Haritha Haaram (THH) was conducted by CCAIA Project team and landscape consultants SPACES covering the aspects of process of plantation, selection of plants, under THH programme. About 60 officials from Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (TSIIC) have participated in the programme.

Telangana Ku Haritha Haaram, a flagship programme of the Telangana Government envisages to increase the present 24% tree cover in the State to 33% of the total geographical area of the State. The thrust areas to achieve the above are two-fold; one, initiatives in notified forest areas, and the other, initiatives in areas outside the notified forest areas.

230 Crore seedlings are proposed to be planted in the State during the three years. Out of this, 130 Crores seedlings are proposed to be planted outside the notified forest areas (10 Crore within HMDA limits, and the remaining 120 Crores in rest of the State). It is also proposed to plant, and rejuvenate the viable rootstock to achieve 100 crore plants inside the forest areas by way of intensive protection of the forests.

Industries Department has been given a target to plant 1 Crore saplings in the Industrial Parks of Telangana. As a part of the Climate Change Adaptation for Industrial Areas (CCAIA) Project, CCA Project Team has awarded the work to landscape consultant SPACES for development of plantation guidelines covering local species, pollution and water resistant plants. The plantation guidelines also covers selection of plants based on location such as avenue, median, block plantation. The training covered usage of plantation guidelines, group work and field trip to the botanical garden

The training was started with an introduction by Dr. Dieter Brulez, Director, CCA Project, followed by the training by the consultant. This was followed by the group activity moderated by R.Hrishikesh Mahadev, Technical Expert, GIZ,  where 12 groups were created and each group were given a sample industrial park. Each group then presented their case considering various conditions prevailing in the industrial parks and accordingly the species of plants selected for the industrial park. Afternoon session comprised of field visit to the Botanical Garden where the participant were given first-hand information on different species of plants and tress suitable to different conditions in Telangana.

Training program consisted of understanding Telangana ku Haritha Haaram and also different phases of plantation


  • Selection Criteria
  • Identification of Areas of plantation
  • Selection of suitable Plants under various criteria
  • Check-list for pre-plantation

During Plantation and post-plantation Care

  • Check-list
  • Approach for planting trees

Understanding various post-plantation cares

Visit to Bio-diversity Park for identification of trees

Group Activity

  • Plan, Select, Identify, Plant and post-plantation
  • Care for 1 Industrial Park in each zone.
  • Maintenance of plantation for one year



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