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Planning Workshop on Climate Change Adaptation

August 25-26, 2015, Leonia Holistic Destination, Shameerpet

Two-day planning workshop on Climate Change Adaptation for industrial Parks (CCA) was conducted by CCAIA Project team with more than 50 participants from APIIC and TSIIC offcials and their respective Zonal Offices. The workshop was conducted by INTEGRATION team, led by Dr. Dieter Brulez, Dr. S.S. Varaprasad, Mr. P.V. Rao GM (QC), TSIIC and Mr. S. Chand Pasha, GM (EMP), APIIC

The aim of conducting the workshop is to plan and interact with APIIC and TSIIC officials by focusing on the following topics:

  • Concepts of Climate Change Adaptation Understanding the CCA project
  • Working Groups (WGs) to understand the collective management of the Project
  • Group activities focusing on planning and developing objectives, deliverable outcomes, strategy,  cooperation partners, steering structure, different processes and learning by each working group
  • Besides, the workshop also covered team building aspects.  

The participants arrived at the Hotel at about 5 pm on August 24, 2015. The evening was used for team building activities followed by dinner. Team building Activities was conducted in the morning session such as yoga, cycling and other refreshing activities.

The Workshop started at 9.00 AM with welcoming address by Mr. Hrishikesh Mahadev, Technical Advisor, INTEGRATION.

Dr. Dieter Brulez, extended welcome and briefly introduced the concept, objectives and importance of the CCA project. He has also explained the necessity of formation of Working Groups and related it with the Work Packages of the Project. Sri. P.V.Rao, GM (QC), TSIIC has expressed his happiness at conducting the two day workshop. Sri. Chand Pasha, GM (EMP), APIIC, has stressed on the adverse impacts of environmental pollution on bio-geo-cycles. Dr. S.S.Varaprasad, Senior Policy Advisor explained the importance of Climate Change Adaptations (CCA) Project and its applications in Industrial Parks of APIIC and TSIIC. 

Thereafter, Dr. Rajani presented an introduction to climate change and its global, national and state impact scenarios, which constituted the basics concepts of CCA project. This was followed by the presentation of Sri. Niroj Mohanty of CoreCarbonX Solutions on “Climate Financing Avenues and Approaches” focusing on potential sources of finances available for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation.

Mr. Hrishikesh continued the session by giving detailed group wise presentation on Working Group (WG) activities, Work Packages / Processes of the CCA project. The WGs participants, were asked to apply the GIZ management tools outlined in the Capacity Works covering the key success factors like; Strategy, Co-operation Landscape, Processes, Steering Structure and Learning & Innovation. The participants from TSIIC & APIIC were divided into 5 Working Groups to elaborate their ‘strategy’ success factor. Five (5) groups carried out the task in their respective group.

Based on feedback received from participants on day 2 activities, detailed clarifications on Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation were given by Mr. Hrishikesh Mahadev.

To understand Climate Change Adaptation measures for different hazards / risks, each working group was given the task of developing an integrated adaptation plan for climate change affected industrial parks. The following were the tasks given to each working group;

Each group had to develop a plan covering the following issues to arrive at a strategy:

  • Define objectives and outcomes of the respective plan
  • Discuss and decide: Who are the key stakeholders and secondary stakeholders & what are their roles in the project?
  • What are training requirements of stakeholders of APIIC/TSIIC?
  • Who should monitor and steer the programme?
  • Define who will do what within the group (communication, coordination, monitoring, planning, spokesperson, etc.)
  • What are the processes required to achieve the goals (learning, regulatory, planning, technical, steering, external support, etc.)?

Dr. Rajani’s presentation on draft Operational Plan, the concluding session ended with Dr. Dieter Brulez, Project Director elaborating the importance of formation of Working Groups, cooperation processes and draft operational work plan as part of project management.

Workshop concluded with vote of thanks by Dr.Dieter, Director, INTEGRATION.