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Thematic Focus

Over the past decades, industrialisation in India has increased rapidly and has been a driver of its economic growth. Nowadays, industry and industrial estates are entangled in a range of pressures coming from market, supply chain, finance and insurance on one side. On the other side, policy and regulation, deficiencies in infrastructures, environmental adversities and pressures from communities in their immediate surroundings influence industry and industrial estates. Significant effects due to a wide range of climatic changes like cyclones/storms heavy rainfalls and floods, heat waves and droughts are likely to exacerbate these pressures. These changes could be observed in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana through already existing evidences such as changes in frequency and intensity of cyclones, shifts in monsoon periods, changing rainfall patterns, increasing maximum temperatures and duration thereof during heat waves. Future climate projections include a further rise in mean and maximum temperatures, continuing changes in rainfall patterns, alterations in cyclone intensity and rising sea levels.

Good news is that we can deal with the already observable consequences of climate change and effectively prepare for those to come. This is where climate change adaptation (CCA) comes in which refers to the process of adjustment to actual or expected climate and its       effects” (IPCC (2014), p. 5). Timely and active adaptation to climate change may reduce or even prevent damage and can also open up opportunities arising from climate change. The project mainly focusses on


  • Climate Risk Analysis (CRA) as component of planning of new industrial park and retro-fitting of existing industrial parks into climate resilient industrial parks
  • Climate Change Adaptation measures for industries and industrial parks for planning of new industrial parks as climate resilient industrial parks and retro-fitting of existing industrial parks into climate resilient industrial parks.