Department of Land Resources

The Department of Land Resources (DoLR) of Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD),Government of India has two technical sub-divisions, viz. “Land Reforms” and “Watershed Management”. The division of Land Reforms is mandated to ensure optimum utilization and sustainable productivity of rain fed/degraded lands. One of its major goals is to facilitate effective land use system based on efficient land information system (LIS) and Land Resources Management System (LRMS) with the aim of bringing in a digitized land titling system. It is also mandated with land reforms and other related matters such as administration of Land Acquisition Act, 1894, National Rehabilitation and Resettlement Policy of 2007 and Registration Act, 1908. The division is also providing support to the States/UTs for implementation of the National Land Records Modernisation Programme (NLRMP).

The division of Watershed Management deals with increasing productivity of rainfed/degraded land through the process of integrated watershed management. The Watershed Management division is responsible for Technology Development, Extension & Training (TDET) schemes providing package of activities comprising of Innovative Technology Development Pilots and Action Research Projects, Replicable Demonstration Models, Extension & Training. The TDET Scheme, launched in 1993-94, was established to promote development of cost effective and proven technologies for reclamation of wastelands for sustainable production of food, fuel wood, fodder etc. Since that time, the watershed development programme has shifted its focus to other areas with a broadened mandate.

Source: Department of Land Resources, E-book on Activities, December 2014, Page 5 and Page 6.