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Skill Demonstration: Operators Skills Development for Wastewater Treatment

IFAT India 2015-India’s Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Refuse and Recycling; October 14, 2015; Bombay Exhibition Centre, Hall 5, Mumbai

India has over 170 combined wastewater treatment plants (CETPs) and several thousands of effluent treatments plants (ETPs) in industries to deal with the industrial wastewater. The industrial wastewater discharges have potential risks to pollution of rivers, ground waters and the environment. The operators of the CETPs and ETPs play an important role in ensuring proper operation of these treatment plants so as to treat the wastewaters to the required standards.

Under the Indo German Development Cooperation, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH in technical collaboration with the German Association for Water, Wastewater, and Waste (DWA), IL&FS Academy for Applied Development (IAAD) and the CII-Triveni Water Institute (CII-TWI) formulated and tested modules for training of operators of CETPs.

Towards this, GIZ with technical support from DWA and in collaboration with IAAD and CII launched a unique ‘Skills Demonstration’ event on 14th October 2015 at IFAT India 2015, Mumbai. The purpose of this event was to create an inspiring and educating platform for the operators of wastewater treatment plants in India. The long-term vision of this event was to seek the possibility to establish a system of competitions among CETP operators of India. This would motivate them towards professional excellence as well as prepare them to compete internationally.


Welcome address

The ‘Skill Demonstration’ event was launched by Mr. Thomas Kauter-Eby, Senior Advisor, GIZ. While welcoming the participating teams, Mr. Kauter –Eby highlighted the importance of capacity building of operators of the CETPs and ETPs who play an important role in ensuring proper operation of these treatment plants so as treat the wastewaters.  He mentioned that the demonstration would focus on quality, efficiency, coordination, and technology application by the participating teams. Also, he acknowledged the contributions of IL&FS Academy of Applied Development, CII-Triveni water Institute and German Association for Water, Wastewater, and Waste (DWA) for their support and contributions towards the event.

Round of introduction

The event was moderated Mr. Roland Knitschky, Subject Specialist for International Cooperation, DWA and Mr. Nitesh Patel, Technical Advisor, GIZ. They welcomed the equipment sponsors from Tritech-a Mumbai based company that provides equipment for detecting various gases. Soon after which both the teams introduced themselves. Vapi Green Enviro Ltd. was represented by three officials, namely- Mr. Pradeep Kadu, Safety office-cum-shift incharge; Mr. Bhupendra Patel, Operational Engineer, and Mr.Sunil Salvi, Operator. Similarly, the team from CETP Thane Belapur Association constituted three members, namely- Mr. Bharat Chaskar Executive Operations, Mr. Mahesh Patil, Senior Officer and Mr. Anirudha Basu, Officer Engineering.

Teams in action

The demonstration began with referee Mr. Satish Kallianpur, Centre Head, St. Joseph’s International Fire and Safety Academy (JIFSA) explaining the activity to the audience. The activity titled as ‘Rescue an unconscious person’ was intended to demonstrate the standard procedure to perform if a worker collapses inside the CETP premises. Guidance during the preparation phase of both the teams was provided by the international experts from DWA and; national experts from GIZ and JIFSA. Both the teams demonstrated the procedure, soon after which they were given a feedback regarding their performance by the referee. (Ref. Pictures below)

During the event, Mohamed Badr, Fayez badr, Engineer, GIZ, Egypt shared his experiences with the audience about the ‘Skill Competitions’ in Egypt. At the concluding ceremony, the participants were awarded with ‘Certificate of Participation’ jointly by GIZ, DWA, IL&FS Academy for Applied Development and CII-Triveni Water Institute.

Audience feedback:

This event offered the audience a visual experience of skills and expertise from two teams hailing from different states of India. The event received constant footfall from visitors and even exhibitors. The teams felt motivated through recognition in an international platform. 

It was observed by the organiser committee that the promotion of skills competitions amongst the teams of trained operators of the ETPs/ CETPs from industries and industrial estates has good scope in India. It will showcase and inspire excellence amongst the operators and youth and to the skilled careers.  

                                Teams being awarded by GIZ