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Third IGEP Dialogue held on “Weaving City Fabric around Bio-diversity - An Utopian Dream?”

April 17, 2013, Jorbag, Delhi

The third in the series of IGEP Dialogues was held on the topic, “Weaving City Fabric around Bio-diversity - An Utopian Dream?” on Wednesday, April 17 at the GIZ Office, 21 Jorbagh, New Delhi.  Mr Viren Lobo, Executive Director of Society for Promotion of Wastelands Development (SPWD), New Delhi; and Dr Vikram Soni of the Ridge Bachao Andolan and Citizens for Preservation of Quarries and Lake Wilderness were the main speakers.

 Dr Soni gave an overview of the water situation in Delhi, emphasizing on the ecosystem services originally rendered by the Delhi Ridge and the river Yamuna, but which are now limited due to exploitation of the ridge and the river. He pointed that it is pertinent to assign economic value to these services to facilitate conservation.

Mr Lobo emphasized that in order to preserve rivers or forests or wetlands and the associated biodiversity, it is important to focus on conserving the whole ecosystem and not just one natural resource as these resources are interconnected. He took case studies from Udaipur, Surat and Bangalore to exemplify this.