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Exposure visit for women entrepreneurs to Auroville

5-7 February, 2013, Hyderabad

The team of the Association of Lady Entrepreneurs of Andhra Pradesh (AELAP) and their consultants visit Auroville to learn from the case examples and interact with various experts for conceptualising ideas for the upcoming AELA Green Industrial Park at Nandigama near Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh. The exposure visit was organised by GIZ, IGEP Programme.


The exposure visit was part of the activities of the core topic of “Planning of New Industrial Parks and Manufacturing/Investment Zones” of the Sustainable Industrial Development component of the IGEP Programme. The core topic has focus to showcase pilot measures in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat.

As a pilot work, GIZ is already providing technical support to ALEAP in planning the new industrial estate at Nandigama as “Green Industrial Park”. The Green Industrial Park, which covers 78 acres of land, is envisioned to be a model Sustainable Industrial Park that provides conducive environment for women entrepreneurs and employs state-of-the technologies, including clean technologies, renewable energy technologies, environmental technologies and cost-effective common infrastructure.

The exposure visit to Auroville provided opportunity to visit various facilities concepts of which could potentially be integrated into the proposed Green Industrial Park. These included:

§  Green buildings

§  Ecological landscapes

§  Organic/urban farming

§  Waste to products – composting, hand made paper units

§  Waste water management

§  Solar energy – roof top PVs, solar thermal, solar power plant, solar street lamps

§  Environment friendly building materials

Visits were made to the above facilities and discussions were held with various experts. During the visits, Mrs Rama Devi, President of the Association of Lady Entrepreneurs of Andhra Pradesh (AELAP) remarked, “Seeing is believing... a lot of the concepts that we see in Auroville can be integrated into the plans and designs of the proposed ALEAP Green Industrial Park”.

The new ALEAP Green Industrial Park is now beign conceived to have the following “green” elements:

§  Environment Friendly site master plan; Efficient circulation system;

§  Green Rating for the Green Industrial Park;

§  Green Buildings for factory sheds; efficient industrial plot layout and building layout; environment friendly bldg. Materials; Standard fencing design; Signage;

§  Green Energy master planning; PV roof tops; Solar street lamps; Solar power plant;

§  Pollution under control: Waste water treatment, recycle/reuse; Waste treatment, reuse; Rainwater harvesting;

§  Green Spines; Ecological landscaping; Organic farms;

§  Women friendly: Unique services for women employees (e.g., crèche, toilets, rest rooms for extended work, first aid, catering/canteens (centralised), kiosks, common toilets, internal shuttle service (battery operated), external connection to public transport, water dispensers, guest house, ladies room  ;

§  Safety & Security measures like secured fencing, access control, CC cameras, fire alarms & fighting systems etc.;

§  Cost Effective Common Services, e.g. Common Effluent Treatment Plant, Vermicompost Plant (for organic waste), Handmade Paper Unit (for paper waste), Incubator facilities etc.;

§  Micro entrepreneurships for common services, e.g., Business Centres, Warehousing, Manning access control entry/exit, Canteens/Cafteria, Outdoor functions / events, Battery operated vehicles for internal transport etc.; and

§  More micro entrepreneurships in the Green Spine are: Cafeteria, STD Telephone Booth, Horticulture/Floriculture, Space for outdoor events etc.

Photo compilation of exposure visit