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Policy for Environment and Climate

Our objective

Policy level actions related to topics of inclusive growth, Green Economy and climate change are getting implemented.

Our core topics

Green accounting
Use the tools of environmental economics and accounting to advise policy processes and develop monitoring systems. The intent is to account for environmental externalities.

Environmental Fiscal Reforms (EFRs)
Develop a range of policy instruments in the area of waste and waste water that have the potential to raise revenues while simultaneously providing incentives to achieve environmental sustainability goals.

Resource efficiency
Address key and emerging resource constraints through the 3R principle by focusing on selected sectors such as end of life vehicles, e-waste and waste-to-energy.

Sustainable consumption
Promote the development of tools (for eg. Reviving the Indian Eco-Mark and developing environmental education curricula) that provide an orientation towards environmentally sensitive consumer choices.

Our partners

Where we work

Activities are carried out in areas where urban and industrial thrust areas are active.


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Approaches to Climate Change Adaptation in Vulnerable Communities - Facilitator's Manual

People living on the coast are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. This manual by the AdaptCap project is intended to be a guidance document for facilitators in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu who will train local communities on climate change adaptation. 

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