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Sustainable Industrial Development

Our objective

In selected industrial areas, financially sustainable improvements of the environment are piloted and replicated significantly and designs of new industrial parks serve as nation-wide models.

Our core topics

Industrial Waste and Waste Water Management – Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETPs)
SID demonstrates innovative and financially sustainable solutions for environmental problems, viz. waste water treatment (CETPs).

Planning of New Industrial Parks
SID demonstrates new design of an industrial park incorporating the aspects of resource efficiency, integrated environmental monitoring and management structures for eco-friendly production as well as gender aspects.

Environmentally-friendly Techniques for Selected Industry Sectors
The use of environment-friendly technologies and techniques is promoted in selected Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) sectors.

Other activities

Best Available Technologies
in identified industry sectors at the national level in partnership with the Central Pollution Control Board and the Ministry of Environment and Forests. It focuses on knowledge exchange and dialogue, and cooperation with UBA.

Disaster Risk Management
at the national level in partnership with National Institute of Disaster Management and National Civil Defence College. It focuses on risk management and civil defence.

Our partners

  1. Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation
  2. Karnataka State Pollution Control Board
  3. Gujarat Infrastructure Development Corporation
  4. Gujarat Cleaner Production Center
  5. Association of Lady Entreprenuers of Andhra Pradesh
  6. Naroda Industrial Estate
  7. Vapi Waste and Effluent Management Company Ltd.

Where we work

At the state level in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Karnataka; and for some pilots, at the national level.



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